• The U.S. is about to issue a public warning that Chinese hackers and spies are trying to steal “valuable intellectual property and public health data through illicit means related to vaccines, treatment and testing.” That will probably rile China a bit.

  • Wuhan saw six new coronavirus cases, and now plans to test all 11 million residents of the city.


  • I saw some news reports that Pres. Maduro’s crony, Diosdado Cabello, publicly exposed the three Americans accused in last week’s alleged invasion attempt on live TV over a month ago—which begs the question of why they went ahead with the plot…bad intel?

  • Meanwhile, two of Pres. Guaido’s advisors quit, including one based in Miami who had met for exploratory discussions with the alleged ringleader of last week’s operation (Jordan Goudreau). Guaido denies any involvement in that operation.


  • 24 people, including a provincial council member, were killed in a funeral bombing in Nangarhar; and at least 14 more, including two newborns, were killed in a separate attack on a Doctors Without Borders maternity hospital in Kabul. The Taliban denied involvement in both attacks, making Islamic State the more likely culprit.

  • Pres. Ghani is facing pressure to improve security after these latest attacks, even though the Taliban (probably) wasn’t responsible: he said he’d ordered the military to switch to an “offensive” stance now—as opposed to the defensive one it took after the Feb. 29th reduction in violence deal the U.S. struck with the Taliban. I believe this is the second time he’s announced the very same “offensive” shift…clearly it didn’t change much last time.


  • The UN estimates that at least 23,000 people have fled ongoing violence in Nigeria for Niger over the last month. Most are leaving Sokoto, Zamfara, and Katsina states in Nigeria; and pooling in Niger’s Maradi region.


  • Not to be outdone by the $2 trillion stimulus package already passed, House Democrats introduced a new, $3 trillion package that would fund more extensive testing for COVID-19—as well as a contentious new round of direct payments to Americans that Republicans will likely reject.

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