• Pres. Trump said he will ban Chinese social media app TikTok as early as today, and added that he didn’t support Microsoft’s rumored plan to buy the app.

  • The White House criticized Hong Kong for delaying its election, saying that doing so undermines democracy. Of course, Pres. Trump also suggested delaying the U.S. election for the same reason (coronavirus).

  • Meanwhile, Hong Kong issued arrest warrants for six democracy activists based outside the territory—including a U.S. citizen and resident—for violating the new national security law. Though the law covers offenses committed “outside the region,” this is the first time it was applied externally.


  • The U.S. is trying to help Afghanistan find a middle ground between releasing Taliban prisoners responsible for heinous attacks and further stalling the peace process by keeping them in prison: U.S. diplomats proposed that they be released into house arrest.

  • The government did release 150 prisoners outright, though. Pres. Ghani promised to release 500 over the Eid holiday, so there are ~350 more to go this weekend.


  • A Congolese soldier in the eastern city of Sange (near the Burundi border) shot and killed at least 12 civilians in an apparent drunken rampage. The gunman is still armed and on the loose.

Other News

  • The leader of the South Korean Shincheonji Church of Jesus sect was arrested for hiding information about COVID-19 infections within his church, which allowed infections to proliferate. The church was linked to 36% of South Korea’s total COVID cases.