Coming Up This Week

  • The southeastern U.S. is likely to see major winds and rainfall as Hurricane Isaias makes its way up the coast this week.

  • Ex-VP Biden is expected to announce his running mate for the Democratic ticket this week. Top contenders include former NSA Susan Rice, California senator Kamala Harris, senator and war vet Tammy Duckworth, and Rep. Karen Bass.

  • Thursday and Sunday mark the 75th anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively.

LME Commodity Spot Prices

  • Aluminum: $1,686/ton

  • Copper: $6,447/ton

  • Cobalt: $29,050/ton

  • Gold: $1,969/toz


  • Guyana’s election commission formally declared opposition candidate Irfaan Ali the winner of the disputed March 2nd election, and Pres. Ali was sworn in. Ali has criticized the deal former president Granger signed with Exxon for being too generous to Exxon, but so far he hasn’t promised to renegotiate it.


  • Venezuela’s major opposition parties pledged to boycott legislative elections in December, which Pres. Maduro is going to make into a farce anyway. That said, their boycott may be counterproductive because it will likely allow Pres. Maduro’s cronies to take control of the National Assembly. That will complicate efforts by Pres. (and National Assembly leader) Guaido to be seen as the rightful leader of the country.


  • Mexico’s army arrested Jose Antonio Yepez, aka El Marro, the head of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel in Guanajuato. His capture is a victory for Pres. AMLO, who has promised to fight violence in Mexico.


  • The Afghan government released another 150 Taliban prisoners, for a total of ~300 during Eid (and ~200 more to go to meet Pres. Ghani’s Eid promise).

  • Though the Taliban ceasefire is largely holding, Islamic State (IS) attacked a prison in Nangarhar, killing at least three. The attack is still ongoing, and casualties will probably rise. It may be a reprisal for the killing of a senior IS commander by Afghan special forces near Jalalabad.

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